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Monday, July 6, 2009

Save time and money with Beruby. Earn money online!

To do list:
  • make breakfast
  • give the big presentation at work
  • do the grocery shopping
  • pick up the dry cleaning
  • study Spanish for upcoming vacation
  • take Fido for a walk
  • catch up on some TV
  • sleep!
With a daily “To Do List” as long as the Amazon river, anything that helps your day run smoother and faster is a plus. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your regular Internet websites in one tidy, organised little box, just ready to be surfed and searched? Well, it exists! Lots of different Internet companies offer organised homepages, but how many pay you to use it? BeRuby lets you personalise your homepage with all of your favourite websites, so that you can easily access them from one starting point and earn some cash, all at the same time! You can slide each website to the exact position that you want it… it’s all up to you! Pretty efficient, huh?
BeRuby Personalized Homepage

Check your email, chat on Facebook, do your grocery shopping online, get a quick gift for your Grandma’s party, and earn money all at once! Easy as 1-2-3!
If you haven’t signed up for BeRuby yet, now is a great time to do so. Beruby is adding lots of new advertisers, which helps you achieve everything on your “To Do List” and puts more money in your pocket.

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Beruby UK/world 1 year online (recommended if you live in UK, Europe)
Beruby USA/world Beta version (recommended if you live in North America, Asia)
Beruby Spain/world 4 years online (recommended if you live in Spain, Europe or South America