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I´m Max Pig, the most famous pig on the internet (or so I think) and a passionate economist who is always looking for ways to make the web profitable. 

As a good piglet that I am, I like to see the piggy bank is always full! Despite my four tiny legs that do not allow me to type very agilely, since 2007 I have been writing in different blogs and websites about the possibilities offered by the Internet to earn money. I am always trying to advise on 2.0 projects that I consider more profitable and reliable. COink, cOink!

Founded in 2010, is a blog that offers its readers resources and information to earn money through the Internet. We teach strategies to generate passive income through simple guides and reviews of the portals that have giving us better results. To do this, we spend an enormous amount of time researching different platforms with different tools, resources and software to always have the best content available on the blog!

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Thank you very much for reading me and welcome to my digital meadow! COink!

Nowadays, it seems that everyone makes money online: advertisers, bloggers, webmasters ... It is time to take advantage of the opportunities, and recover part of that money that you generate with your online activity.

Currently I am a half-time blogger making a living from blogging for almost 10 years. I have been blogging since November 2005.

I like web designing, blogging and playing around with Adobe Photoshop. I also enjoy testing out different Software, WordPress Plugins and trying out different ways to make money online.

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About the blog is an online earning blog focused on many types of online earning opportunities. The blog offers regularly updated articles, reviews and guides covering several different methods of earning money online.

All information within this blog is completely free, there is no membership fee and you won't even have to register as a member. 

Additionally all of the earning methods covered here are free and anyone can get started earning right away, even if they don't own a website or blog! All methods are easy to use, most are free and all are completely legal, we do not offer any "blackhat" earning methods.

Making Money Online

If you are looking for tips go to the "Guides" category and start to make money just surfing, or through your blogs. 


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