Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beruby gives you cash back for your activity on the web

Beruby - earn money online

Beruby General information 

BeRuby is a portal that you can personalise! 

Description: BeRuby has links to many of the most popular sites on the web. You can personalise your BeRuby page to feature your own favourite links. Simply click on the + sign. BeRuby will remember your settings, which you can modify whenever you like.

Evaluation: 9/10

Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, French

Referral levels:

Minimum amount paid
: 10€ [Beruby payment proof]

Payment method:

BeRuby pays you cashback for your activity on the web.

BeRuby has advertising agreements with all the sites that display the Ruby symbol.

Unlike other portals, BeRuby shares the revenue generated through these agreements. Specifically, BeRuby gives you, the user, one-third of the advertising revenue that you generate by visiting, shopping or registering in these sites. The amount of the commission that users can earn will vary by site and will often depend on how much is purchased from the merchant. The more rubies that are displayed next to the store the larger the potential commission.

On your direct commissions from the sites with rubies, you receive 33% (or one third) of the cash back generated. Another 33% (or one third) of the cash back generated goes to one of the non-profits working with BeRuby.

BeRuby pays you commission for the activity of your network and friends

BeRuby pays you cash back from your own activity ("direct") and also from the activity of the friends and contacts that you refer (your "network"). 

When someone you invite joins BeRuby, you will receive 16.6% (or one sixth) of all the revenues generated by that person for life and another one sixth from all the people that they invite. The BeRuby network marketing effect lets you exponentially grow your earnings! For example, if you invite 10 people and they each invite 10 more you will earn lifetime commissions from 100 people!

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  1. This is the Best Get Paid To Site!
    Yup... after joining this I thought that BeRuby is just like another Paid To Click site.. but it proved me wrong.. because this site is mixed with Paid to Click, Paid to Register, Paid to Visit and shopping with BeRuby... So this site is really unique from others.. You can earn minimum . 01$ for paid to click.. And 1$+ more for registering and various percentage like 2.33% or 4% discount for shopping with

    The best thing is that I can even personalize my Homepage and I never saw these kind of features in any Get Paid To site.. I cashed out 2 times and am waiting for the third.. And you will be happy to hear that there are more than 500 advertisers in BeRuby.

  2. If your into the Paid-To sites you need to join this one. I have been a member for a short time now and see the potential of earning very well with this. The site is working with some big name companies so you know they are getting paid. BeRuby offers you many way to earn and you should not have a hard time getting referrals being it's 100% free to join with no hidden fees. You have the option to set up your own page with your favorite sites. So far I have enjoyed all that the site has to offer, lets hope it stays around for a long time.

  3. Is it really that awesome? Wow! On every sites you open, you are paid! Incredible!

    You earn on every open, register and visit you do in the net. You will have many ways to earn through BeRuby. The best ever!