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ExoClick: The Best Adsense Alternative to Earn Money with your Website

ExoClick: The Best Adsense Alternative to Earn Money with your Website
Most webmasters with blogs or websites to promote pages to make money online will probably know of the difficulties in finding a good advertising platform with native ads when Google Adsense does not accept your page due to its content.

From the beginning of the Internet, the tech giant has monopolized much of the ad sales and, together with Facebook, has formed a duopoly that is difficult to beat. Currently, it is estimated that they account for 75% of the market. Unfortunately, they do not support pages of many themes, including pages of betting, casinos, adult content, etc.

Fortunately, some advertising platforms have seen an opportunity to address this problem, which is precisely what Exoclick has done since its inception in 2006. This portal basically took advantage of customers that Google did not want and currently generates more than 5 billion annual impressions and earns $ 100 million annually.

With Exoclick, your publishers can make every advertising space on their website profitable through continuous optimization. Its adserver works under its own technology that exposes the most profitable ads based on the content on your page. Exoclick automatically manages campaigns locally and internationally with the most advanced techniques in Geo-Targeting.

It offers weekly payments via Paypal or ePassporte, and monthly via bank transfer.
You can also collect a 5% bonus for your referrals for life.

Exoclick Main Features

  • Minimum payment: 20 Euros or dollars (depending on the country)

  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum (min € 20), ePayments, WebMoney (min. € 200), Cryptocurrencies (min. € 500), Bank transfer (min. € 500)

  • Countries: International

  • Referrals: Yes, 1 level: 5%

  • Request payment: To receive the first payment, you must notify the company via its form. It can then be automated.

  • Ad Formats: Banner, Popunder, Push, Native, Direct Link, Interstitial, Instant Message, Video, Email Link

  • Online since 2006

  • URL:

What is Exoclick?

ExoClick is a web traffic monetization platform that, without making too much noise, has become one of the Internet companies with the highest turnover in the world: more than 100 million euros in 2017, almost doubling the income of the previous year. ExoClick was founded by Benjamin Fonzé in December 2006.
Benjamin was a successful webmaster, and his goal was to develop a platform that will improve the monetization of web traffic. To do this, he started with a blank page and gradually created what would become ExoClick, an ad network that offers practical solutions to advertisers and webmasters around the world.

Exoclick is in our ranking of the Best Advertising Networks for blogs. Its operation is very simple, and the minimum to charge is much lower than that of Google Adsense. In short, it is a great alternative to consider to monetize our sites.

Types of Ads and Exoclick Tools

Exoclick Ad formats

There are many different types of advertisements that we will find in ExoClick:

  • Mobile Ads:
    Ad sizes optimized for mobile screens, including smartphones (iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry, ...) and tablets (iPad, Galaxy Tab, ...). Formats: 300x250, 300x100, 300x50, popups, redirects (and recently a pop-under optimized for all devices).

  • In-video Ads:
    Show the ad before, during breaks, and at the end of the video. It allows you to customize them and add fantastic effects in stream (will enable you to show your video ads in the content of a video that is broadcast online) (exclusive to ExoClick). It is only compatible with Flowplayer, JW Player, and Nuevolab players.

  • Text Ads:
    Cost-per-click text ads are very profitable and very efficient. Every time someone clicks on one of them, you win a variable amount. The possibility of adding an image of 100x100 pixels allows generating more clicks. They are customizable.

  • Banners:
    Of the typical formats: 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 250x250, 120x600, 160x600, 300x600, 260 x 340 such as those of Bidvertiser or Adsense.

  • Direct link:
    What they say is that it is "A specific format dedicated to looking for a high volume of cheap traffic to boost traffic. Based on CPC, the direct link is usually used by webmasters as a link ...". It is clear that it does not make much sense, but basically, it is a link for the whole life.

  • Popunder:
    A Popunder is a whole page that appears behind the visited page and becomes visible when it closes the page you were viewing.

  • Interstitial:
    An interstitial ad is similar to the Popunder in terms of size. The difference is that the interstitial is always displayed as content that is expected to be from the page the user is visiting.

  • Instant message:
    A window that copies a chat conversation is very typical. This ad format is displayed to users at the bottom right of the page. Very efficient for live video and dating products. Format: 250 x 150 maximum

An essential niche for Exoclick: Adult Content

One of the keys to the success of Exoclick is that it began from the beginning to pay more attention to the customers that Google left out of its advertising network. Among which were gambling and pornography advertisers.

A decade ago, the technology used by adult ad platforms was old, and they used the affiliate model where only if the publisher of the page generated a sale did they get paid.

Exoclick introduced the model used by Google in the porn industry, which segments by country, by device type, and charges for each time the ad is viewed, which generated more revenue and increased the competitiveness of these types of pages.

Exoclick Terms and Conditions

Each ExoClick publisher must agree to the terms of service. These include basic rules, such as the prohibition of any activity that defrauds or misleads ExoClick, to more specific conditions, such as:

Adult, gambling, torrent, and streaming sites are typical publishers and advertisers who use ExoClick services.

The site should not be cluttered with advertisements. Sites cannot have more than 15 banners and must have fewer than 5 pop-ups. Sites considered as ad farms or with multiple pop-ups will be rejected.

Some content sites and categories may also be rejected. ExoClick will reject a site if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. Sites that promote, enable, or connect to illegal activities, such as dark web criminal activities that promote drugs, pirated software, etc., will automatically be rejected. The site also cannot link to other sites that contain such content.

  2. Promotion of piracy, phishing, or malicious software.

  3. Sites that promote hatred for ethnic, religious, or political reasons.

  4. Sites that promote, enable, or abuse physical harm or defamation of others.

  5. Sites that send unsolicited e-mails (Spam) or participate in the abuse of forums and chats or inappropriate posts in blogs or newsgroups, or cyberbullying.

  6. Sites with clickbait (false advertising) to attract traffic with false pretenses, altered link codes, illegal advertisements, and other forms of deliberate misrepresentation.

Referral program

ExoClick offers 5% of the revenue generated by the recommended publishers for the lifetime, as long as the publisher remains online. Referrals can be attracted through blogs, social media, text links, emails, and word of mouth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Exoclick

  • Clean Ads, No Malware or Viruses
  • Weekly payments
  • A large inventory for adult trafficking
  • Stable and high CPM rates


  • Technical support is provided by email only.
  • If your page doesn't support adult content, it's probably not as profitable.

Final Thoughts about Exoclick

ExoClick has been connecting publishers with advertisers since 2006. The portal excels at quality control and fraud protection for its advertisers and publishers. They have proprietary software that has been developed with more than 20 types of ad formats to optimize ads and access big data.

Exoclick greatly protects its advertisers by controlling fake traffic sources such as bots. This protection method helps reduce fraud and benefits all portal users. Both advertisements and websites are checked for malware, viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious activities. In this way, publishers and advertisers do not have to worry about protecting their sites and can expect higher returns.

If you have a page with adult content, Exoclick is, without a doubt, the most profitable advertising network. With the portal, you can earn a high income, especially with North American and European visitors. Publisher revenue is solely dependent on parameters such as location, content, quality, and traffic.


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