Monday, August 3, 2009

Beruby´s second birthday! Earn money online!

It’s BeRuby’s 2nd birthday! Yup, it has been two great years since BeRuby launched their first web site in Spain. Since 2007, Beruby has expanded into 8 more countries: The UK and US, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Brazil and Portugal! On top of that, in Spain alone, Beruby has 200,000 users, enjoying all the benefits of BeRuby! Wow!

If you are just learning about BeRuby. Check out to find out more information about registration and then start earning some money today!

Earn you first Dollar!

You will receive your first dollar when you join Beruby!
Just open and account and you will see your dollar in you ballance. It's that easy!
Remenber, you can join all the pages you want even if the page is not from your country.

Beruby UK/world 1 year online (recommended if you live in UK or Europe)

Beruby USA/world Beta version (recommended if you live in North America or Asia)

Beruby Spain/world 4 years online (recommended if you live in Spain or South America

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