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Linkvertise Review 2023 - How to make money with shortened URLs? Review 2021 - How to make money with shortened URLs?

Update 2023: is now Linkvertise

Looking for a new URL shortener that converts your long and ugly URLs into decent-looking URLs? 

What about

Linkvertise (formerly is one of the oldest and most popular URL shortener ad networks and is very easy to use. To shorten your URL, you don’t have to register for an account. Just enter the URL hit the ‘Shrink!’ button. 

You will get something like this:

But if you want to make money online by monetizing your shortened URLs, you need to open an account. Don’t worry, it is free!

People get attracted to this old URL shortener because it doesn’t require you to have a website or app to make money through it. If you have a link that you want to share with your friends, then you can make money from Adfly. Yes, it’s that easy !

Say you have a YouTube video link that you want to share with your friends, then you can make money through it. 

History and Overview of

Linkvertise was founded in April 2009 by James Simpson as an affiliate marketing and online advertising platform.

It is one of the oldest online companies for affiliate marketers who are seeking to monetize their links. The company has kept growing because it offers, and it has upgraded its tools and features. The main focus of in the industry is shortening monetized links and pop ads.

Most people who use want to take advantage of internet traffic to make money. The platform’s main users are divided into two main groups: digital influencers and social networking users. 

Digital influencers include streamers, bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers. Social networking users include those who use Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. If you are a digital influencer or social media user, is a great option to make money.

How to Use

Links are dynamic and can be found everywhere, including the offline world. You can directly share the monetized links on social networks, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It allows you to send the link to family, friends, and the entire world because they are all connected through the internet.

You can also make money through your blog or website on the internet. You can shorten the links within pages. Furthermore, you can send the shortened URLs through push notifications, SMS, email, and other physical and digital media. The success of your campaign is dependent on your strategy and creativity. The payout rates are available on the platform average between $1.60 per 1000 views and $16.60 per 1000 views.

Your actual earnings from your campaigns will be determined by:
  • Placement of ads on your blog or website
  • Quality of traffic on your site
  • The number of people clicking the shortened URLs
  • The location of visitors seeing your ads

How does Adf-ly Generate Money?

When you short a link with Adfly’s link shortener tool, then you get a new link. When you share that link and someone click on it, they will be shown a 5 seconds ad before being redirected to the original destination page. It’s simply like a YouTube Video ad that you can skip after 5 seconds of watch time.

The amount of money you get paid for sharing your links depends on the visitor's country clicking the link. Actually, Adfly pays for Worldwide traffic, but it pays a much higher amount than others for some countries.

Say, for example, at the time of writing this review, Adfly was paying around $9.36 per thousand views for US traffic.

I started my journey with Adfly around 10 years ago, and still, it is making me good money. 

What Kind of Ads Does Show?

There are two types of shortening links in the platform: interstitial and banner. 

Each technique has its own strengths and weaknesses. There is no wrong or right option. The platform allows you to select the best way of shortening links that best addresses your needs. Both ads have unique traits that will yield different outcomes.

  • Interstitial Format
An interstitial advertisement is when the entire page is an advertisement, and it is necessary to do a manual action to visit the original links, such as pushing a button. When used in, a shortened link that uses the interstitial format forces the user to view an ad for at least 5 seconds before clicking the "Skip Advertisement" button. This ad is quite common in YouTube videos.

Interstitial ads are quite aggressive, and it has a higher financial income because users are forced to view the ad. However, it is very aggressive and may be annoying to the user. Also, you do not access the original link immediately.

  • Banner Format
It simply uses a banner added at the top of the original link. In this situation, users have already accessed the content they desire. The user can close the banner and eliminate the advertisement from their screen without taking any action.

Although the technique is less intrusive, it yields fewer views to the affiliate marketer. One can simply ignore the ad. Ultimately, the affiliate marketer will experience the lowest billing per link.

  • Pop Format
The pop format is similar to the interstitial format. One of the main features of the pop format is the "Show on Skip Ad Button." The feature ensures that when a person clicks the Skip Ad button, the ad will appear there. It is an aggressive way of advertising, and people will have to view the ad.

  • Recommendations

You should prioritize interstitial ads on external links, such as blogs or websites. It should mainly be used on links that often receive high traffic. However, you should avoid using interstitial ads on links that have an action to be done, such as making a registration.

Banner ads are ideal for links that receive minimal traffic. It is the best ad for links that require action, such as making a registration.

For each situation, it is advised to evaluate and identify which advertising format fits your needs. The ad format has an impact on your earnings. Take your time to understand your needs and the outcome of the ad before identifying the best ad format. Choosing the wrong format can cause lower monetization or lower visits. Notably, all links can be edited after they were created. allows you to change the ads at any time.

How Much Money I Can Make Money From

With, you can earn as much as you want. The more traffic you bring to your links, the more you’ll earn. It is as simple as that!

Are There Any Minimum Payment Threshold Requirements ?

Yes, if you want to withdraw your earnings, you need to have at least $5 in your account.

When Does Pay? processes all payments daily. However, if you are withdrawing your money for the first time, Adfly will pay you monthly. Adfly does this to cross-check your traffic.

After your first payment, you become eligible for daily payments.

How Does Adfly Pay?

Adfly offers two payment options to its users. These payment options are PayPal and Payoneer. So, if you don’t have an account on these payment options, then create one right now. for Advertisers

Linkvertise is currently accepting advertisers for as little as $0.001 per unique and targeted visitor. If you want to advertise your websites or landing pages, this is a good opportunity. Because your actual website or landing page will be shown to the visitor before the actual link appears. They claim to deliver targeted visitors via keywords and country. As an advertiser, you can start with a minimum deposit of $5.00.

Do you think that it is a cool way to make money online? Or you will simply avoid it because of the full-page advertisement that appears before the actual link.

Visit Linkvertise to learn more, and feel free to share your own view.



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