Friday, January 29, 2010

How To Get Referrals in Forums?

This guide is focused on forums and how to effectively employ referral links and posts to get free referrals for your paid to programs!

Get Free Referrals With Forums – NO Spammers!

First and most importantly I want to make this very clear to everyone before you get started with referral links and advertising on blogs. Whenever you join a new community/forum make sure you read the FAQ(frequently asked questions), TOS(terms of service) and any posting rules and guidelines. Some forums have rules against referral and affiliate links directly in posts or threads, some forums may allow referral links anywhere, some may have a specified area for sharing these sorts of links, whatever the case maybe just make sure you read and fully understand the rules.

If you spend an hour or two building up a large post count while breaking the rules, when a moderator or forum admin sees what you’re doing, all of that time and work will be wasted and could possibly get your banned from the forum all together.

When you make a post there should be at least one to two sentences at LEAST. You should never try to increase the amount of links you have on a forum by posting many short messages ie:(lol, lmao, rofl) or a couple of random emoticons. These types of posts are usually removed by forum staff on most any respectable online communities.

Even if you wish to ignore my words of warning, keep this vital little piece of information in mind, 99% of all get paid to programs and any other programs whom offer a referral earning opportunity has a policy against spam. If you’re caught or reported to your programs for spamming, you could lose all of your earnings, all of your referrals and all of your accounts. In some cases the admin can even take legal action against like by either filing criminal charges or civil suit. Though this doesn’t happen much, don’t take the chance of being the one they make and example out of!

Get Free Referrals With Forums – Be Civil Among The Community

Don’t be a troll! You should treat others among the community with the same respect as you would like to be treated with yourself. Don’t personally attack people or flame them. Causing these kinds of problems are usually against forum rules for obvious reasons. When participating in discussions or other members topics, stay on topic, do not try to drag things intentionally off topic and do not just randomly post a referral link advertisement in the middle of a discussion.

Basically anything that will make you annoying to other members or to the forum staff is very bad for you, not only will you risk losing all the links you exposed by posting on the given forum, but people will have little interest in viewing your profile or clicking links in your signature. If you make a mistake or receive a warning, do not argue with the forum staff, if you must disagree do not do so publicly.

Be respectful to the forum staff members as they are in place to keep the community you’re using safe from spammers. They’re not your enemy, well most aren’t but all of them can become your enemy very fast if you start crossing lines. Just use the common sense God gave you and try to be as friendly as possible.

Get Free Referrals With Forums – Forum Signatures and Profiles

If you’re a forum veteran you already know what a signature is, if not then I will explain it. A forum signature is a little area that appears below your post on forums. This area can contain text, links and sometimes images signature contents and rules will vary from forum to forum which is another reason you should read the forum rules. The great thing about this is you can add more than one link or another words, promote more than one program, or a few programs and your blog if you have one.

Member profiles often have a website or blog field, this is commonly accessed from the “Control Panel” or “My Account” pages of the forums. In some instance you can add what is called BBcode to the signatures to color them, make them bold or italic, etc. Customized and colorful links often draw more attention. Some forums even allow the ability to have flashing text in your signatures, this can be very effective. Make sure to add your links to both the signature and your profile website field if the forum you’re using allows.

Get Free Referrals With Forums – Quick Tips

If you’re posting on a paid to or similar forum, you want to have you links seen as much as possible. If there is an area for posting program success stories or payment proofs, go there and post your payment proofs from the program you’re promoting or other related programs. People always flock to see payment proofs, why? Because we rely on them when deciding which programs to join!

Don’t be bland and just post the image and no text, add a quick review or just jot down your thoughts about the program, the pro’s and cons maybe. This will draw more attention to your post and the links within your signatures. Maybe if you’re lucky and you word your comments and posts right, some readers will take interest in your writing and visit your blog link; again if you have a blog.

Start as many topics or threads as you can(without spamming of course), create discussions, ask questions, answer questions, compile lists of information or other timeless useful content that will bring many reads to the thread, thereby bringing more eyes across your links.

Get Free Referrals With Forums – Make Some Money With Those Links! 

Now I know the whole intention to this is making more money by building referrals on our get paid to programs right? Well there’s another way you can earn extra money, just by promoting your referrals or blog links.

That’s basically using forums to get free referrals in a nut-shell and don’t forget, you can do this on multiple forums!

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