Friday, July 22, 2011

Beruby earning experiencie: tutorial video

Beruby tutorial

Video Tutorial of Beruby

The Beruby Experience by Beruby [1:15]

What is all of this Beruby stuff all about? If you are the least bit curious and want to learn more this video/presentation will introduce you to Beruby's community where you can save money and earn cash back on the things that you normally do when you are online. Beruby is a way to be rewarded daily, so what are you waiting for? besocial, beshopping, beruby!

What is beruby

is a number of different things but ultimately, beruby is a site that serves as a cashback, working to not only save you money but to give you a little cash back every month!

As a newcomer, they provide a number of advertisers who have elected to help you earn your first $10 payment, by providing you with a ‘helping hand’. Many of these advertisers are the ones you see in the “Earn for Visiting” section. Since beruby is not specifically a PTC website, these advertisers will no longer be represented with rubies once you have reached your first confirmed payment of $10.

There are plenty of other ways to earn however. You can earn a little cash back by registering at websites which you already like, might want to get to know, or that have an offer you may be particularly interested in. Additionally, you can take part in surveys and questionnaires that will help improve the services of other businesses.

There are many advertisers that offer you cashback savings and rewards when you shop with them online. You will find all of these types of advertisers under the “Earn for Purchasing” tab. Essentially when you make a purchase with one of these advertisers (denoted by the ruby) you will receive a cashback reward in the form of a commission. The amount of the commissions vary so it is best to double check the terms and conditions to find out how much you can earn and any restrictions there may, or may not be, on the purchase.

Beruby is always adding new advertisers, holding regular contests and offering promotions on their website, so we encourage you to keep checking our updates and latest news on the beruby blog, as well as theirr Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Beruby: Sign up and earn 1$ free bonus
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