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FreeBitcoin Review 2023. Earn Free Bitcoins in Multiple Ways

FreeBitcoin Review 2021. Earn Free Bitcoins in Multiple Ways

FreeBitcoin is one of the first websites that paid me Bitcoin. To this day, I consider it to be the granddaddy of all the Bitcoin earning sites. If you want to grow your bitcoin holdings or if you want to start investing in Bitcoins I highly encourage everyone to start using this Bitcoin faucet. 

TIP: You can use FreeBitcoin to store your Bitcoins now but if you want to sell earn in this site you will need a BitCoin Wallet. You can create a Bitcoin wallet for free in CoinBase

FreeBitcoin is a very simple site. 

Free Bitcoin is a bitcoin faucet founded in 2013. Faucets or taps are web pages that give small fractions of a cryptocurrency in exchange for small tasks. In the case of the FreeBitcoin faucet, the cryptocurrency is bitcoin and the task is to "roll" or click a button. In the world of cryptocurrencies, these “bitcoin fractions” are known as satoshis.

One of the advantages of FreeBitco.in is that it can be used all over the world, regardless of your country of residence. You can use it from the United States, England, Spain, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia … From anywhere!

In addition to earning free bitcoins, Freebitco.in pays bitcoins for playing, inviting people, and even doing nothing, thanks to passive interests. And best of all, FreeBitcoin is free.

In this tutorial on Freebitcoin, we will go over all the ways to earn with this faucet.

FreeBitcoin Overview

  • Name: FreeBitco.in

  • Founded Year: 2013

  • Earning Methods: Free BTC every hour, Multiply BTC, Lottery, Compound Interest and Referrals

  • Apps: iPhone & Android Devices

  • Support: Email, Phone

  • Website: www.freebitco.in

What Is FreeBitcoin?

FreeBitcoin is an online bitcoin faucet founded in 2013 that enables users to earn up to $200 every hour and other big contests and prizes. The most popular feature of FreeBitcoin is its provably fair HI-LO dice game, which is a simple way to multiply your bitcoins.

FreeBitcoin also has a comprehensive referral program where you can bring your friends to the website using your referral link and earn bonuses and lifetime commissions amounting to a whopping 50%.

The site is most popularly known as a bitcoin faucet where individuals can just sign up, log in, solve captchas every hour and earn bitcoin. There are no limits – you can make up to $200 in BTC every hour at FreeBitco.in for life.

How much can I earn in FreeBitcoin?

Earnings per site visited range from 8 uBTC all the way up to a little over 0,0001 BTC. One time I visited websites for as low as 1 uBTC each. That was the same day that the price of DVC was most recently pumped. There were two or three sites at that price, and then the earnings per site went back to normal. I've never seen profits that low since, and I stop by BitVisitor at least once a day.

The advertisers who are willing to pay out the highest earnings are bumped to the head of the line, so if you visit all the available sites, you will see them in order of decreasing earnings. Sometimes, while you visit sites in the 8 to 16 uBTC range, you will suddenly get to a site that pays 80 uBTC for your visit. That means that the site just entered into the line and got bumped ahead of all the other relatively low-earning sites in the line.

Ads on FreeBitcoin are generally shown once every twenty-four hours. It's hard to tell, though, because so many advertisers promote the same websites through individual affiliate links. You might see the same gambling site advertised five times at five different reward levels, for example. The number of ads per cycle is highly variable. Some days you can be getting paid to visit sites all day; other days BitVisitor runs out of sites to visit very quickly.e

How does FreeBitcoin Works: 

  • BitVisitor gives you free bitcoins after you input your Bitcoin address, solve a verbal captcha, check out a website for 5 minutes and click a green "Next" button. 

  • You'll receive 80µ฿ every time you do this

  • When the countdown of 5 minutes ends, you may enter a new verbal captcha and check out a new website as long as BitVisitor allows you. If there are no more websites for you to check out, it will tell you to try again later. 

  • Your payments are almost instantaneous. Once you've clicked on the green "Next" button after the countdown, you'll receive your bitcoins, usually one minute later. Sometimes your payments are aggregated, so you may check out three websites and get nothing, and then all of a sudden 240µ฿ after the fourth. 

Best FreeBitcoin Strategy: 

  • Create a new Bitcoin address only to receive bitcoins from FreeBitcoin. I recommend CoinBase for that. This way, you can assure yourself that they are actually paying you. 

  • Bookmark the site and have your Bitcoin address easily accessible. 

  • When you get up, visit the site, paste your Bitcoin address, solve the captcha and start browsing the websites it shows you. Since there's no possibility to know whether there are new websites for you to check out, do this several times during the day. I personally do it when I get up, after lunch, and right before going to sleep. 

  • Remember you must press on the green Next button to receive your bitcoins; if you wait for the countdown to end but don't do this, you'll receive nothing. 

  • Reload the captcha if it has complex to read letters, such as capital "i" or non-capital "L." 

  • You don't really have to browse the websites. You could have them on one tab of your browser while you wait for the countdown to end doing other things on other tabs. However, some sites contain good information, so don't dismiss them automatically.

Can FreeBitcoin be Trusted?

FreeBitco.in is a trustworthy operation and we recommend their platform to any individual who has extra time to spare in order to accrue additional earnings. It should be noted that since this is a Bitcoin faucet and that the completion of captchas will be required that you should have a solid anti-malware system downloaded on your computer to help prevent any possible computer viruses from inhabiting your processing system.


FreeBitco.in is a popular Bitcoin destination that reflects a SimilarWeb global rank of 1,904 during the time of writing this review. On average the website receives over 100 million visitors per month and has been growing exponentially over the past 6 months. The site is ranked #2 among all Lottery sites and is most popular in Russia. Other countries where FreeBitcoin is popular include Ukraine, Brazil, India, and Venezuela.

We expect FreeBitco.in to continue in growth as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies become more reputable, understood, and sought after.

FreeBitcoin, Final Thoughts

FreeBitco.in is a reputable online platform used by millions of individuals looking to earn additional satoshi and Bitcoin earnings. So, if you want to make bitcoins online in a completely free process and open to everyone, then FreeBitco.in is the right choice for you.

With more than 36 million registered users, FreeBitco.in is one of the best and most trusted faucets in the world for bitcoin enthusiasts. Cryptocurrency holders can double their bitcoins, and those who don’t hold any coins can earn their own BTC at FreeBitco.in.


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