Thursday, July 15, 2021

Bidvertiser Review: The Best Tips and Tricks to earn money with Non-Contextual Ads

Bidvertiser is not like Adsense. It won’t read your content to display relevant ads. It is non-contextual like Adbrite. So, bidvertiser will work well on niche sites, sites that are focused on a single topic.
I like some features of this ads network, which sometimes makes me choose it over Adsense.

Here are 3 such features I am talking about:

  • You can choose which ads to appear, simply don’t approve the low-paying ads, and then all you will be left with is high-paying ads. This means more money per click, and yes, they have got 50+ cents clicks at times.

  • It pays by Paypal. This is a huge benefit, as checks usually don’t reach. There are other ways to receive payments also.

  • The minimum payout is only 10$, so you don’t have to wait for ages to reach the minimum payment threshold like the other ads network.

  • It's less restrictive.

 So, here are my optimization tips for Bidvertiser:

  • Reject the low-paying ads. No use to accept ads that pay pennies on clicks. Remember, the default option is approved, so don’t forget to reject. Also, reject the ads that don´t match your website’s theme.

  • Use the squares and big rectangles, and keep your ads covered by content. Use the ad's text color, border, and background the same as the rest of your website. The ads should look like a part of your website.


  • Founded in: 2003

  • Supported model: PPC, CPM, and CPA

  • Payment method: PayPal, Bitcoin, Check, Bank Wire

  • Payment terms: Net-30

  • Minimum payment threshold: $10 for Paypal, $100 for Check, $500 for Bank Wire

  • Supported language: Any

  • Reporting: Real-time dashboard

  • Live publishers: 9,840 (as per SimilarTech)

  • Minimum traffic: None

  • Website:

  • Employee count: 11-50


BidVertiser, a division of Bpath LTD, started as a PPC ad network. Since 2003, BidVertiser has served more than 80,000 publishers and advertisers globally. The company focuses on native ads, push notifications, pop-under, slider ads, XML feeds for both desktop and mobile devices.

It claims to connect the sell-side with the buy-side without compromising transparency. The company uses in-house technologies ranging from front-end through the server to backend to power flexible services to their clients.

BidVertiser has an automated approval process for publishers. Publishers need to go through the free sign-up process where they share their website details. If the website doesn’t contain illegal and adult content, publishers can start using BidVertiser and start placing ads.

Bidvertiser Pros

  • Automated approval process: BidVertiser doesn’t put publishers on hold. The approval process is automated. If the publisher qualifies the minimum set of requirements, they will get the approval email instantly. Using BidVertiser’s dashboard, publishers can create the layout and start seeing ads.

  • AdSense compatibility: BidVertiser works well with AdSense. Since AdSense is a contextual ad network and BidVertiser enables targeting, using these two networks together should provide the best of both. In short, running AdSense and BidVertiser together should improve bid pressure, fill rate, and ad revenue.

  • Low payment threshold: If a publisher chooses to be paid via PayPal or Bitcoin, the minimum payment threshold is $10. This makes it easy for small publishers to monetize their web property at an initial stage of the business.

Bidvertiser Cons

  • No ad matching: Since BidVertiser is not a contextual ad network, it is not quite efficient at matching the right ads to the publisher’s website. While using BidVertiser, publishers can see ads irrelevant to their website and even their audience if targeting is not implemented correctly.

  • Complicated advertiser selection: Publishers must set a list of advertisers for their inventories. Otherwise, it starts picking advertisers at random, leading to a poor CTR. Next, the advertiser selection process can be tricky for new publishers and requires manual hours.

  • Low earning for non-US traffic: Despite BidVertiser serving l publishers and advertisers globally, non-US traffic doesn’t seem to deliver a good fill rate for publishers. This trend is seen with most ad networks, and in such a case, publishers are recommended to add AdSense to avoid losing on earning opportunities in case of non-US traffic.

Not started with bidvertiser yet; get a free BidVertiser account and start now.


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