Friday, November 6, 2015

YSense Review - How to earn money with a Pay To Click Site? Video tutorial

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Ysense recently created a new 4-minute video that shows – in a quick and easy-to-understand way – how to earn money online Free, using its platform, the well-known PTC (paid to click) website that it is online since 2007 and has over 4 000 000 active members.

The new promo video can be used by all Clixsense affiliate members who are promoting Clixsense online to earn money by watching advertisements, completing online tasks for money, offers, and surveys, and making money online free by building a team of referrals.

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Promotional Video of YSense [Formerly ClixSense]

A tour of ClixSense from ClixSense on Vimeo.

YSense Basic Information

What is Ysense?

Clixsense is PTC + Survey website (Pay to click service) in which you can earn money by viewing advertisements. You can make from $0.001 to $0.02 per click. You can also earn cash in Clixsense by completing the surveys.

Who can work in Clixsense?

ClixSense is suitable for all kinds of users (for both beginner and professional online workers)

How can we earn money in Clixsense?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s effortless to earn money in Clixsense. You can earn from $0.001 to $ 0.02 per click just by viewing advertisements. You can also earn money by completing the surveys. However, most surveys are geographically targeted, so there are more Surveys for Western countries than for Eastern countries. 

How to earn more money in Clixsense? 

It will be very slow to earn money just by clicking $0.001 to $0.2 ads. Surveys give you additional income. But the referral programs in Clixsense give you the best opportunity to earn more money. You can earn commissions from your referrals when they view ads, complete surveys, and purchase something in Clixsense. So, if you can refer more people, you can earn more money in Clixsense. There is no limit on the number of referrals in Clixsense. You can refer as many referrals as you can, build huge downline followers, and earn huge income.

Drawbacks of Ysense

1. If you cannot refer enough people, it will be very slow to earn money in Clixsense.

2. Clixsense cannot guarantee that the ads and surveys provided in Clixsense are Legit. So you have to do your own research/study if you want to join any company after viewing the advertisement in Clixsense.

3. The offers, tasks, surveys, etc., will/may ask for your credit card information. So, we highly recommend you avoid all kinds of work that may ask for your credit card information because those do not belong to Clixsense but are from advertisers. Some of them can also manipulate your credit card information. So, never take part in such work within a Clixsense, which will ask for your credit card information or other critical personal information.
Surveys are geographically targeted as well as related to your profile information. So you can be out anytime in the middle of the survey if they think you are not fit for that survey.

Is YSense restricted in some countries?

Ysense is an international site, but users from Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Niger, and Vietnam won´t be able to join the platform.

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