Thursday, October 29, 2015

Adfiver review, legit or scam? New PTC with high payment rates per click

Adfiver - earn money online

Update January 2016 ¿SCAM? YES

Be careful! Many users have been complaining about this website as it seems it can turn out to be a SCAM page. A new post appeared on the AdFiver Facebook page, supposedly by the admin’s partner. She states the site is owned by Gustavo Gil Peron, the admin of OnBux, UpBux, ProBux, Zapbux, Kayads, Fusebux, and others scams. The company that runs AdFiver was registered under her name, but Gustavo scammed her; therefore, she unfolds the truth and closes the company. She recommends opening disputes against AdFiver. The original post was deleted, but you can see a screenshot here.

In response to the statements, the admin said that their Facebook page was hacked and blamed the “envious and unfair competition.” He created another Facebook page.

The connection between AdFiver and the top scam ProBux was suspected from the beginning. There are many similarities between the two sites, and their scamming rental referral system is also the same. Several people complain that their referrals’ AVG drop drastically after cashout or upgrade.

Adfiver Original post

AdFiver is a PTC site that was officially launched in October 2015, a registered company in the United States, and has demonstrated great potential and rapid growth, standing out well ahead of other PTC sites that segment. Many features make AdFiver a secure system, such as registered company, DDoS protection, dedicated and professional staff, stable business plan, excellent support, instant payments, forum, active admins, own script, and unique design.

If you are visiting this website, most probably is that you are looking for an answer to know if AdFiver is a Scam? So let's find out the truth:

Main features of Adfiver

  • Company: Adfiver International Services LLC 
  • Registered company in Delaware US 
  • Site is Online Since: 2015
  • Payout 3 $ 
  • Members count 10000 
  • Average referral rate 50% 
  • Payment within some hours 
  • Profit per click: 4 clicks at 0,01 $, rest 0.001 $ 
  • Available clicks per day: 10 
  • Payment solutions: Paypal, Payza, Neteller, Bitcoin Main 
  • Currency
  • Language: English
  • Free site: Yes 
  • URL:

Adfiver is an established company, and this is certainly a plus point for this PTC website.  AdFiver International Services LLC administrators have been fully transparent with everyone, and that's a good thing because most of the PTC sites try to hide or use false information.

The AdFiver admin also has done a great job involving new features almost every week since its official launch; this is an essential factor for any PTC, active administrators and innovating the system is very important and shows that everything is going very well; otherwise, they should not invest time or money to improve the system.

In addition, many of us know that PayPal is a great obstacle for most PTC. Still, as Adfiver company is registered in the United States, the chance to face a problem with PayPal is much lower since we all know that PayPal does not limit US PayPal accounts because of the stringent laws in the USA. There are several proofs of payment being sent to members instantly, and there is so far no complaint about payments not sent. This demonstrates that all are paying and have no faults or excuses for not paying members. A PTC that is paying its members without any failures can not be compared to a scam site. For now, these are some factors within many AdFiver showing that it is not a scam site. Draw your own conclusions and enjoy earning a stable income and profit with this site.

So, Is AdFiver a Scam or Legit? 

AdFiver is a scam. 


  1. It seems like a great site, now if Adfiver will grow and reach the top, only time will tell us.

  2. Great website and very beauty design. Reach 100 direct referrals in 3 hours, it is incredible.

  3. adfiver is scam, i am platinum member of adfiver, i have $26 in my account and since 4 days i am trying to withdraw but neither they are replying any of my support ticket nor allowing me to withdraw my funds and they are also running many fake sites like or in which they are giving false details to users so many of them can join their site. so please avoid this site. when you will reach 600rr with platinum they will restrict you withdrawals.

    1. Thank you for the advice Zubair.
      We will have a special look to Adfiver this days. Until today we haven´t had any delays of payment. We will update shortly if we don't receive our paymentes.

  4. adfiver also not pay my 1st payment till now
    its scam site

  5. is this site really a scam as people say?

    1. We have been receiving payments but lots of people haven't.

  6. this site scam foc adfiver scam