Friday, October 2, 2015

PaidVerts legit or scam? Review of one of the most popular PTC

Paidverts is, of course, a legit PTC with lots of followers on the internet. I don’t want to give a straight ‘go ahead’ even though everyone will love to read such a paidverts review. It’s 2015 and things have changed. But we always need to check the real facts before spelling something out. 2015 seems to be difficult for PV. Let’s do some scam check and decide on the strategy to use!

What is Paidverts? 

Many people mistake thinking Paidverts is just a PTC. But, in real Paidverts is crowd funding platform and PTC is one branch of it. Paidverts is totally new work home programs where you can earn upto $200 per one view of 30 seconds advertisement. If we consider it only as PTC, then it is the most high earning PTC (Paid to Click) website till date.
PTC part of Paidverts is completely relies on advertisements by advertisers rather than upgrade and RR investment of user. Instead it doesn't have RR, but also you can earn good enough money just by your clicking advertisements and by referring people under your link.

Besides from PTC, Paidverts generate huge income from Crowd-funding (means the public share investment). You also can invest in share if you want. For that you will have access to its sister site known as "My Traffic Value". Once you join at Paidverts, you can access to its sister site "My Traffic Value" with same email address and password. Not only that, in "My Traffic Value" you have other options to earn from investments like Power Planes, Fast Track Plans etc. When we see investment plans, it look like non-stable HYIP programs. But it is not in case of Paidverts team because they don't only rely on the investment of members but they are generating income by developing online games, casinos, selling advertisements, crowd-funding and soon investing in real state also. So, Paidverts is Crowd-funding+Revenue Sharing+PTC platform.  

Who can work in Paidverts?

 It is suitable for all kind of users (for both beginner and professional online workers). To work in Paidverts is very simple. Just view ads. That's all. And if you want earn more, refer people under you link.

Information about PaidVerts
  • Payout : 2 $
  • Members count : more than 1 000 000
  • Average referral rate : 5%
  • Average profit by action : 0.01 $
  • Available offers per day : 35
  • Payment solutions : wire transfer, Payza, Paypal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, OK PAY, Payeer, Neteller
  • Main currency : $
  • Language : english, Polish

Paidverts program details (How can we earn money in Paidverts?)
As we mention before, it"s very easy to earn money in Paidverts. Just by viewing ads. However the value of ads you get depend upon how much points you have.

When you 1st join, you will not get those high value ads. Instead you will get ads from which you earn points known as BAP. More BAP you earn, you have more chance to get high value ads. You will start to get cash ads when you have more than 1600 BAP. So, 1st of all you need to accumulate as many BAP as you can by viewing all BAP ads. You will get more BAP ads in the beginning and 100 BAP points every day after. People who have lots of BAP are getting even 10+ USD per click advertisement. The highest value advertisement click till now reported is 200 USD.

You can increase your BAP by viewing BAP ads 1st and after you can buy your own advertisement. You will get 3100 BAP per 1 USD ad purchase. That 3100 BAP will provide you total 1.55 USD worth ads. So it means if you invest 1 USD, in return you will get 1.55 USD and even more. People who have more than 360,000 BAP are getting more than 5+ USD per click ads as shown in the picture.
Paypal is Back. New management team prove themselves within a month by rebacking Paypal and also by getting NetellerGo due to which now members within a "Paidverts" and "My Traffic Value" can do transactions using almost all kind of online payment methods such as Paypal, Neteller Go (Ukash, Poli, Sofort, GiroPay), Payza, Bitcoins, Solid Trust Pay, Perfect Money, OKPay, Payeer, Bank Wire and Western Union. We wish new management team keep on working in this way. Best of Luck!

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