Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is the Paid To Click Industry Dying?

I see comments and discussions all the time concerning whether or not the Paid To Click Industry is dying. Yes in some ways the paid to click industry is dying, but at the same time the Paid To Click Industry is changing and improving. Sustainable sites such as Neobux have been setting the pace for the real paid to click sites. While scam sites are slowly but surely beginning to drop off. The reason for this is so many more people are part of the paid to click industry these days and most users are already experienced enough to notice scams before they even sign up to a site.

That coupled with the fact the governments of various countries are beginning to take more action on internet scams and investigating possible internet scams. And finally payment processors like AlertPay are stepping up their account freezing on suspicious transactions or possible scam transactions.

So more or less I guess you could say a portion of the paid to click industry is dying. There are though your fair share of people that drop of from using the programs, this does cost the industry some users but for every 5-10 people that give up on paid to click sites and the industry as a whole, another 100-500 newly discover the industry or get in on it. The object of clicking links to earn money will always attract people.


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